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About Tofu & Pizza rolls

What started as a way to catalog my restless brain and desire to constantly create has quickly become a creative resource hub for companies and clients looking for anything from photography and design to business consulting and management. I love any way that allows me to express myself and I love being able to share that passion with others, but I know I can’t do everything, so if there’s ever a time you’re looking for something different, reach out too! I probably know another great woman who can help!


Brianna Gerrity / Owner

Brianna is a twenty-something year old Michigan native who specializes in digital content creation and strategy. Her eclectic background makes her qualified to handle most every situation. Starting in non-profit marketing to fortune 500 product planning to start up social media management, Brianna has been able to thrive in a variety of industries and settings. In her spare time she likes to kayak with her Fiance Jack, create recipes, craft, play music, and garden.


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